Investment Advisory

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Investment advisory is for individuals who wish to invest money as per their stated objective. We help them to choose products from a wide range of mutual fund schemes, direct equities, bonds, structured products and insurance-based investment products. We help to choose products and create a solution that is much in line with their risk appetite and short term financial objectives.

The Role of the Financial Advisor

The Financial Advisor guides investors through an ongoing consulting process designed to lead them towards their investing goals by formulating a policy that suits their investment strategy.

This process may include the following:

  • Setting Goals and Guidelines: A Financial Advisor helps investors to identify financial goals and expectations that can be translated into a long-term investment plan.
  • Determining Asset Allocation: Based on the investor objectives, the Advisor suggests an asset allocation divided among stocks, fixed income, debt, cash, structured products and other investments and also determine which investment vehicles are most appropriate
  • Selecting Investment Managers and Investment Vehicles: After asset allocation, our Consultant will recommend specific portfolio managers and funds.
  • Managing and Monitoring Investor Accounts: Financial Advisor helps in monitoring clients account and managing it according to market.
  • Ongoing Personal Service: our financial advisor will provide you customized service at any point of time whenever an investor wants. Also the Financial Advisor may help you put investment performance in the proper perspective, and help you decide whether it may be appropriate to:
    1. Modify your expectations to reflect a changing market;
    2. Adjust your risk considerations; or Reallocate the assets in your portfolio.


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