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Long Term Investment

Equty Portfolio Portfolio Construction
Large Caps  to invest at least 80% in large caps   View More
Large & Mid Caps   to invest at least 35% in large caps and at least 35% in mid caps  View More
Multi Caps  At least 65% in equities & no marekt-cap wise restriction  View More
Dividend yield  At least 65% in equities but in dividend yielding stock  

View More

Focused  At least 65% in equities but can have a maximum of 30 stocks View More
Sectoral or Thematic  at least 80% in chosen sector stocks View More
ELSS (Equity Linked Saving Scheme) at least 80% in equities View More
Medium to long duration holding portfolio with maturity 4-7 years View More
Corporate bond Funds  atleast 80% in corprate bonds (AA+ &ABOVE) View More
Dynamic bond Funds can invest across duration View More
Credit risk fund  atelast 80% in corporate bons below AA View More
Banking and PSU atleast 80% in instruments issued by banks,PSU undertaking, municipal, corporation etc. View More
Gilt Fund  atleast 80% in istruments issued by goverment across periods View More
Index Funds  95% in seCU View More
FOFs 95% in the underlyring fund View More


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