Medium Term Investment

Equty Portfolio Portfolio Construction
Hybrid Funds  Portfoilo Construction   View More
Conservation hybrid Funds   10 to 25% equity allocation and 75 to 90% in debt  View More
Balanced hybrid funds  40 to 60% equity allocation and 40 and 60% in debt  View More
Aggressive hybrid funds  65 to 80% equity allocation and 20 to 30% in debt  

View More

Dynamic Assets Allocation  Equity / debt – dynsmic allocation View More
Multy-Assets funds  invest in at least 3 assets with minimum  of 10% in each View More
Arbitrage  fund  65% in arbitrage opportunity View More
Equity Saving  Equti-65% ,debt 10% and rest in hedged and unhedged instruments View More
Short duration  holding portfolio with maturity 1-3 year View More
Medium duration  holding portfolio with maturity 3-4 year View More
Floater Funds atleast 65% in floating rate instruction View More


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